Frequently Asked Question

Gloucestershire Muslim Bereavement Council (GMBC) have been undertaking Muslim Burials in Gloucestershire for many years. We have now extended our volunteer Task Force to assist the Key members of the GMBC and streamline the process in this pandemic to avoid any unnecessary delay in the burial process. This will reduce any risk of infection to all person involved.

What are your operating hours and have funeral hour been extended?

GMBC can be contacted between 8.00 AM - 10.00 PM (outside these hours please message only). The Council in Gloucester has agreed subject to availability of the grave digger being able to dig the grave. Extended hours will incur additional cost to be met by the family.

How will the family be kept informed of the burial process?

We have a dedicated team one who will work closely and carefully with the family by telephone.

Can family members attend Hospital to collect the deceased?

In short, the answer is No. GMBC have trained handlers together with volunteers that will be responsible in collecting the deceased from the hospital.

Does the same protocol for Covid-related deaths apply to non-Covid deaths?

Yes, until further notice all deaths should be treated in line with GMBC strict Covid-19 protocol.

Can family members attend the Ghusal (washing) of deceased?

As a precaution and upon advice received unfortunately family members will not be allowed to take part in doing the Ghusal.

Arrangements can be made together closely with the family to select *Individuals who can do the Ghusal. It is important to highlight that the people chosen by the family are not vulnerable or have had any contact with vulnerable or high-risk people.

*The following criteria must be met at all times:

  1. Age under 60-years-old.
  2. Not in a high-risk category.
  3. Has had no contact with anyone with Covid symptoms in the last 14 days.
Who will wash, shroud and bury the deceased?

A dedicated team of Brothers and Sisters from the community have been trained up to do the wash (Ghusal), shroud and bury the deceased in line with guidelines.

How many people can attend funerals?

Five and one Imam, all mourners must observe national guidance on maintaining social distancing.

Will there be multiple occupancy graves (Mass graves)?

At present there is sufficient spaces (but this is subject to review) If Families wishes, they can consider burying two people in one grave. This is a decisionnfor the family to consider and those who hold the rights over the graves.

How will I know where the deceased has been buried?

GMBC or the Cemetery office will give you the grave plot number of the deceased grave. If you wish GMBC can arrange for placing of the Memo Headstone which can be ordered within a few days after burial.

Can I visit the cemetery with my family after the burial?

Advice from Public Health England and the Government remains on avoiding any non-essential travel. Visits to the graveyard should be avoided as per the Government advice.

Are we allowed Taziyat (Condolences) gathering?

Taziyat gathering should not take place with the current Government restrictions on movement. We advise and encourage families and friends of the deceased to console one another through other means such as telephone calls, etc.

Can I donate to the Gloucester Muslim Bereavement Council?

We thank you for your generosity. At this moment in time, funds are not needed for the work that we are doing. Should the need arise for specific items - refurbishment then an official appeal will be made.

We humbly request for your dua'as for everyone at this difficult time and for all the volunteers, for their dedicated time to serve the community, as well as donors who have contributed towards the running of the bereavement service in Gloucestershire, Ameen.