Register a death in Gloucestershire

You must register a death within five days of the date of death or from the time that MCCD certificate has been issued in the registration district in which it took place. This includes weekends and Bank Holidays."

Special Arrangements

During the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation, we are conducting all death registrations by telephone. Please read the information below before contacting us. To arrange a scheduled appointment with one of our Registrars, please ring 01452 425060.

If a relative is unable to provide the information required for the registration, it is acceptable for certain alternative informants, such as someone who was present at the death or who is arranging the funeral to give the information for the registration.

The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death will be transmitted electronically to the Register Office by the surgery or hospital. The ‘green form’ (certificate for burial or cremation) will be transmitted electronically by the Registrar to the crematorium or cemetery. By registering the death, you will be able to use the Tell Us Once service and purchase death certificates, which will be posted to you.

For further details and advise contact Ismail Mehter on 07976298107